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Welcome To Our Family Travel Blog!

Intelligent Journeys is an inspirational roadmap to enhance your child’s intelligence through educational travel.

Our brand is much more than a family travel blog.  We are a family who are passionate about the world around us, in awe of its wonders, and continuously motivated to share our experiences with others.

Together we aim to combine art, literature, music, science, history and culture with travel in a fun and exciting way.  Creating these kinds of enriched environments has been scientifically proven to boost a child’s intelligence so we hope this will encourage you to plan your own unique family adventures.

We invite you to join us on our travels as we take our own intelligent journeys, introducing unique places and experiences, hopefully inspiring you to create your own remarkable memories.

Through Intelligent Journeys we will learn to travel and travel to learn … together!


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The Science Behind Intelligent Journeys

The Science Behind Intelligent Journeys Three Boys with Helmets

Many parents rightly believe that school holidays are the perfect time to unwind as a family, relaxing, away from the daily stresses of work and school life.  However, did you know research shows that a well-planned break can offer huge educational and developmental benefits for children?

Here is the science behind it all; the how and the why of the cerebral world and the reason Intelligent Journeys exists.

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Family About Us

We are a family of four who view the world as one big learning adventure.  Having started travelling with our children from a young age, we realised the power of learning when combined with travel.

During our travels, we have discovered over 20 countries and enjoyed countless experiences together.  We know what inspires and what doesn’t and we would love to share our knowledge with you!


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